Sunday, September 6, 2009

How To Implement A Good Detox Menu

By Ferdinand Emy

If you dwell in a city, have a desk job (and a stressful one at that), drive an hour at least each day, and do not do exercise, then you probably are forcing your liver to do extra work trying to eliminate all that excess of toxins.

Why is my body full of toxins?

Toxins are generated from several sources. The most obvious one is the pollution in the air that we breathe in big cities. We likewise get toxins from all the chemicals that are in our food, peculiarly junk food or food that has been processed to the point that it loses its nutritional value. Some of these chemicals are preservatives and colorants in canned food. In addition, when we stress, we add our own toxins to the combine.

So as to cleanse our body from these toxins, a detox menu is proposed.

Why should I consider a detox menu?

A detox menu will get rid of those toxins in your body. You will feel healthier and more energetic when you follow one. In addition, you'll make your liver's work much simpler, since the liver is the organ that takes care of the natural detoxification of your body. This will greatly reducing|shortening the risk of a staid liver failure or liver disease in the future.

What does a detox menu comprise of?

While a detox menu varies from one health specialist to another, there are many common items to most.

Foremost of all, a common request is the prohibition of alcohol. Alcohol is very hard for our liver to get rid of. If taken in large quantities for a long period of time, it may start accumulating scar tissue on the liver, which will result in cirrhosis, a failure of the liver.

Another thing that's taken out of the picture by a good detox menu is meat, and peculiarly read meat. Red meat is also a hard thing to handle for our liver, Although not as hard as alcohol.

Consuming raw foods is also common in some diets. The reason that this is requested by a detox menu is that processed foods contain a lot of chemicals that are not natural and may rest in our bodies.

Finally, the most common denominator of any detox menu is drinking water; lots of it. Water is not only the most natural of substances, but its the medium via which our natural detoxification system operates. It permits us to eliminate toxins naturally, and it is the most fundamental component of our bodies.

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