Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Effectively Remove Eyebags – Without Needles!

Is your eyebag bothering you? Have you tried all the ways to get rid of them but still no favorable results? If you did, then you must be missing a thing or two about your eyebags. Sure, eyebags are very tough to get rid of. But this does not mean that you should frown and give up your hopes. The secret to getting rid of your eyebags is this: know what the underlying cause is.

Eyebags, also called as eye puffiness, dark circles or discoloration surrounding the eyes, can be caused by a lot of things. Of course, the number one cause of which is aging. Obviously we cannot escape aging so if you are still young and still don't have eyebags, don't celebrate yet, because you will be expecting eyebags soon when you are in your 30s.

Another cause of eyebags is heredity. Yep. The trait can be passed on from your mom to you. Unfortunately if your mom has it then you will more likely have it as well probably earlier than usual. Other causes of eyebags include stress, fatigue, metabolic conditions, sleep, smoking, alcohol, and even inadequate vitamins in your diet.

As you can see, eyebags can be caused by a lot of things so if you got at least three from the list, then congratulations. You are entitled to develop eyebags. So what do you do? There are actually several ways on how to effectively remove eyebag both natural and non-natural (or shall I say one which involves needles). Read on.

Here I have compiled a list of ways by which you can get rid of your eyebags naturally:

1. So I assume that you already know the cause. What you have to do next is to treat the cause. If the cause is some allergy to some foods, then you can either avoid the food or buy over the counter and prescription drugs to treat it for good. You have to visit your doctor for this matter as he will advise you to undergo some tests to rule out any other metabolic or systemic conditions aside from allergies.

2. Get plenty of sleep and eat healthy. Well, you know this already. This has been around for time immemorial so this means it's really effective. Nothing beats healthy foods (that's why it's called healthy because it makes you healthy) and eating them is much, much better. The only problem with eating healthy is it's al little hard to do. Let's admit it. It's very hard to commit to a healthy diet. But this seems to be the most effective way of preventing eyebags so why not do it right?

3. The best home remedy - Teabags, Ice Cubes and what else but Cucumbers. Who says organic does not work? They work okay but still depends upon the severity of the eye bags of course. Remember that severe eyebags may need surgery (that is if you are really concerned about them). Well in that case, you need to know when to have the surgery. As with these natural remedies, just place them on your eyes (preferably cold teabags and cucumbers) for 10-15 minutes daily and watch out for favorable results. Don't forget to close your eyes if you do this.

4. Pamper your skin every night. How can you do this aside from putting the above mentioned home made remedies? What you can do is wet a towel with cold water, squeeze out the excess and place them on your eyes for the whole night. This will have relaxing effects on your eyes and will remove puffiness.

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