Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stressing Over a Break-Up? Why not Re-Spark Love Back With These Tips

So your lover just recently broke up with you, what do you do? Coping with stress especially during this kind of situation is hard. If you ask someone who has experienced the same way as you probably do, he will reply with either two things - forget about the relationship or hang on. Of course the final decision will all be up to you. But why is it that almost all people feel the need to get back with their ex as soon as possible after a break up?

But when can you surely, definitely, absolutely say that your ex wants you back? This is one thing that is very hard to discern. As you know, there is a fine line between a friendly and an intimate reconciliation. Mixed signals are really difficult to interpret. For example, if your ex asks a lot of your friends how you are, what you are doing etc, or if you feel like your ex has changed for the better, then those are positive signs that your ex, too, is feeling the same yearning as you do.

If you really want to rekindle back the relationship with your ex, you have to make sure that you maintain a friendly, constant communication. This may be hard to do especially when it comes to coping with stress that the break up has brought and if you did something unforgettable and unforgivable to your ex. Just remember to not rush things. Rushing things can only ruin your plan of getting back together. Give your ex time to mend things over - by herself. As they say, time can heal everything and hopefully time will play its part in this kind of situation.

Words are nothing compared to action. Your action and hers have a very huge impact on your plan of getting back together. Words such as "I love you" and "I want you back" are not enough to express what you have been wanting for. If you really want her to know your feelings, you have to let these messages sink in to here loud and clear. How? Simple, show her by giving her your time. This is the only perfect way to get her back. Petty and sweet things such as accompanying her to her favorite chick-flick movie and keeping her company during her shopping spree are enough to make her heart beat for you again.

Begging will not help. This screams "I am childish and I do not deserve a serious relationship". As much as possible, do not plead to your ex. Try to remain as cool as possible by managing and coping with stress. Crying yourself to sleep is definitely a part of the whole breaking up process but if you are sure that you both want each other back, then this is really not necessary. Try to sway from begging and pleading during the first stages of your break-up by hanging out with your family and friends and keeping yourself busy.

The truth about getting back together is it is very easy to put into reality - only if the feeling is mutual. If you really want to get back together, you should act like it. Coping with stress over a break-up is important as you will encounter a lot of it during the process. Do not just spill words that you are sure you will only going to eat up in the future. Take things slowly as this is the only way by which you can achieve the spark that you two once felt.

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