Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hollywood Celebrities and Bad Teeth (and Bad Smile)

Celebrities are good-looking; there is no doubt about that - and they have to be. However, they are not immune to dental imperfections. Crooked teeth, pointy fangs, or yellowish teeth are common dental problems to most hot celebs. Without Teeth whitening and other revolutionary dental treatments, where will these actors be today?

The following is a list of Hollywood stars, both famous and the no-so-famous stars who have or have had (in the past) bad teeth:
1.Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is no doubt one hot hollywood hunk. But did you ever notice that he had crooked teeth before? The picture was taken when he was still a child (obviously) and you can easily spot how mal-aligned his teeth were before. If you look even closer, you can see that his jaw is a little crooked as well.

2.Keanu Reeves

Believe it or not, this photo was taken just recently. The star of the box-office hit The Matrix used to be as hot as Tom Cruise before. But what happened to him now? Not only does he has bad, crooked teeth, but he also looks twice his age.

We'd be really glad if he visits his dentist A.S.A.P! I mean, with the money he has, I think he can afford at least a teeth whitening treatment! Unless he does this, we will really miss his glory days!

3. Morgan Freeman

The star who always plays God has a lot going on with his teeth. As you can see clearly, his teeth are stained and they are crooked as well. Teeth whitening treatment and dental veneers are two very easy dental operations that can be done in a matter of one visit. This could really help Morgan Freeman perfect his smile!

There you have it. 3 of Hollywood's bad teeth. Watch out for more Hollywood Dental Stuffs!


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  2. It is wrong for us to view celebrities as always good-looking and "perfect." It is safe to say that they are humans too, and they also have their own imperfections. But well, everything now be remedied.

    [Timothy Eastwood]

  3. Well, no one is perfect, as they say. These celebrities are humans, too, and their only difference from us is that they are famous and are watched in front of screens. But one thing is for sure: despite their flaws, they are loved by many people. :)


  4. They might be celebrities and they might have the money to have those flaws corrected, but they chose not to. Sometimes, it's a test for us people if we can accept other people for who they really are. And yes, you are right, Nannie! These people are loved despite those flaws. :)


  5. Well, it just proves that anyone, even celebrities and stars, can also have bad teeth. The only difference is how you handle the imperfection. Some go to get their teeth fixed by expert dental surgeons, while others choose to stick with it. It all comes down to personal preference.

    @Kaley Baum

  6. Well after knowing about ‘Tom cruise” as in celebrities with bad teeth, is some surprising to me. I never noticed his teeth into his filmed movies. But honestly I am very passionate to watch his action movies anytime.

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