Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Pros and Cons of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are becoming a hit today!
First there were the metal braces that are complete with a full head gear.
Then there were the much simpler metal braces.
Next are the porcelain brackets.

And finally invisible braces. Invisible braces can fix misaligned teeth for as quick as one month. Because it's the latest hip in the orthodontic world, I doubt this will cost less here in the Philippines.

The Pros

Unlike conventional metal braces, these are actually plastic trays which are custom-made to allow perfect fit. These "aligners" replace metals and wires. The plastic tray is responsible for the tension and compression which is necessary to move and align your teeth.

This is very advantageous for the wearer since this is fully removable and it sort of eliminates the pain (but not completely) in contrast with the conventional braces.

Well, it is undetectable by others since the tray is really thin. The term "invisible" is actually a misnomer since it functions as the conventional. So, if you don't want the unwanted "Betty" look, then this is your option.

The Cons

The concept of invisible braces is actually present since the 1940s but it was only now when it attracted ortho patients. So, new means that it would cost a lot. We are not paying for the materials per se, but the concept itself. So if you are thinking of getting yourself one of these, make sure you are financially-able!

Invisible braces are designed only for misaligned teeth or slightly crooked teeth. If your problem is your jaws or anything related to the bone, this wouldn't do you good. Try the conventional one instead.

The tray, since it is removable, is very easy to lose. So be really vigilant with these.

If you want the braces worn by Miley Cyrus (yeap She has one!), you can try lingual braces

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