Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Perfect Way to Have the Perfect Smile

Ever dreamt of having pearly, white teeth? Well, with the advent of modern cosmetic dentistry, having that perfect smile is not far from reality. This field of dentistry primarily aims to improve dental health including function and aesthetics. A dentist specializing in this field would probably offer you treatments like teeth whitening, veneers and tooth reshaping.

If you have an amalgam filling (a black-colored filling on your tooth), or a gold crown you can easily have these replaced using a tooth-colored filling. This is not a difficult treatment nowadays and it can be done in one seating! Yes! You do not need to wait for ages and ages just to have a filling replaced.

Together with the technological advancements in dentistry is the progress in dental material. Before, dental materials are very limited. Today, more advanced dental materials are available so much so that treatments can be done in a matter of minutes with astounding results.

Among the very popular dental treatments is cosmetic dentistry veneers. To keep everything simple, what dentists do is they grind off a very thin layer of enamel (the outermost, hard covering of our teeth) on your teeth and add a thin layer of tooth-colored (usually shades lighter than your teeth's original color) material on your teeth. The treatment is relatively simple. However, treatments like these are not very cheap.

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