Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Remedies for Aging Grey Hair

Aging is a normal process that everyone of us is bound to face. A lot of normal physiological processes happen to our body when we age. However for most women (and men), one of the most negative signs of aging is growing grey hair. Here are some home remedies for grey hair which you can easily practice:
  • If you use a permanent hair color or tint to cover up the greying portion of your hair, do not choose a very dark shade. A dark shade is very obvious so choose a shade one or two lighter than your hair color's original tone. This will make it look more natural.
  • Since grey hair tends to be dry and wiry, you can opt to use a condition every time you shampoo. Keep your hair well-trimmed for manageability and to prevent split ends. For a more youthful look, avoid a rigid, overdone cut.
  • If you are just beginning to grow grey hair and would want to conceal it, you would want to apply a semi-permanent color instead or a permanent tint that washed out after several baths. You should choose a shade that matches your original hair color for this.
  • Your grey hair may look better than you think so if you just want it to look natural, just let it be grey.

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