Saturday, June 6, 2009

Safe Pedicure Tips - How To Avoid Infection During a Trip to the Salon

So you are thinking of heading to your favorite salon to get a relaxing pedicure. Before you do that, consider some do's and don'ts first.

Did you know that you can easily get infected just by getting a pedicure? Yes. Hepatitis B Virus and other fungi can be easily transmitted from those sharpinstruments and pedicure accessories.

The American Podiatric Medical Association offers these suggestions to reduce the risk of infection or injury during pedicure.

  • Make sure that you schedule your pedicure in the morning when tubs are clean as well as the pedicure accessories to be used. Or if you can't help but come in during the afternoon, just make sure that all equipments are clean.
  • A good pedicure salon should have good infection control. Sterilization of instruments should be an S.O.P. But if you're still doubtful, just bring your own pedicure tools and instruments. You should have separate kits for manicure and pedicure instruments.
  • Skip shaving your feet before your pedicure to prevent bacteria from entering small pores.
  • When it comes to removing dead skin, pumice stone is preferable over razor. This would lessen the chances of abrasions and cut injuries.
  • Toe nails should be cut straight, not curved and should be smoothed by an emery board. For infection control purposes, emery boards should never be shared.
  • Blunt manicure and pedicure accessories is better than sharp ones. Never allow your nails to be cut or cleaned out by such sharp object as it could easily puncture the skin.
  • Toes should be dry when you have them cleaned. Fungi love moisture so the last thing you want is an open wound and wet skin.
  • Cuticles should NEVER be cut, only pushed back.
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