Friday, June 12, 2009

Be Healthy - The Advantages Child Private Health Insurance Coverage

Health is wealth - we all know that. If we are sick, we cannot attend to our work properly, we cannot even do simple things like take care of the house chores etc. Being sick is also equal to spending lots and lots of hard-earned cash. Just a mere regular check up would cost us a lot. Good thing we have health insurance. Today, your car, your pet and even your collectibles can be insured. So why not insure your health? Give yourself a favor by getting yourself and your children a health insurance.

I bet your children's health is one of the most important thing that you are thinking of right now that's why you are in this blog. They are the reason why you work hard day and night, right? When it comes to insurance, you can opt for a public or a private health insurance. The difference between the two is that a child private health insurance will give you the power to choose which hospital your child will be treated, when they will be treated and the specialist who will be taking care of them to ensure that they will be recover from the illness ASAP.

Child health insurance, in general, gives parents the assurance that whenever their child become ill and whatever sicknesses they will be having, they can easily go to a hospital and have their children treated. But what are the advantages of a Child Private Health Insurance in particular?

Advantages of a Child Private Health Insurance:


As mentioned a while ago, with a child private health insurance coverage, you will have the power to choose what hospital you will take your children. When choosing a hospital you should consider one that is accesible and which offers good and quality service. After all, it is your child's health that we are talking about here, right? You also get to choose the best specialist in the field.

Privacy and Luxury

When your children need to recuperate in the hospital, of course you want the room to be as private as possible. With a child private health insurance, you will get the privacy that is much needed for his speedy recovery. Not only that, you will also get to avail certain luxuries like television or a telephone line which you have to pay seperately with a public health insurance.

Shorter Waiting Time for Everything

Take this scenario of a mom who availed a public health insurance and her sick daughter who was not able to get his surgery because he has to wait in line. Yes. This happens. So sad but true. If you get a private health insurance, the higher the chances that you will be prioritize since you are paying a higher fee than public health insurance holders do.

Not only these but you are also entitled to get a 30% rebate including hospital and ancillary cover. So if you are a parent, which would you rather choose - a public or a private health insurance?

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