Monday, June 8, 2009

Home Remedy For Removing Blackheads

The best way of keeping your skin free of blackheads is by cleansing it regularly in the morning and in the evening. But you might notice that after religiously washing your face and having a well-planned skin care routine, still you develop blackheads and white heads. Pores can clog even if you do practice such a vigilant skin care regimen.

The best way to remove a blackhead is by doing it just like how professionals do it - using steam. The best home remedy for blackhead is to place your face over hot water in a basin for a few minutes, to open the clogged pores. With clean fingertips, tissues or a blackheads remover, press gently against the blackhead to squeeze it out.

Never squeeze hard and never break the skin. Make sure that the blackheads remover you will buy is blunt and never sharp as it can puncture the skin and cause infection. If the pressure is too much, you might deal with a more serious skin problem - pimples! So be careful when squeezing out blackheads. If the blackhead resists pressure, try again after a few days.

Afterwards, dab the area with a medicated cream or witch hazel to prevent the pore from being infected with bacteria which can later on progress in to cystic pimples.

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