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Shiatsu FAQs - Release Stress with this Dry but a Very Relaxing Massage

Shiatsu is a form of massage that originated from Japan. The word shiatsu is derived from "shi" meaning finger, and "atsu" meaning pressure, so it literally means finger pressure. Its essential concept is the restoration of balace in the body. Especially in the body's chi.

What is Chi?

Chi is the vital energy that keeps our body alive. It is said that the imbalance of chi in the body manifests itself as physical pain, such as back pain, headache etc. The flow of chi in the body is characterized in shiatsue meridians which connect the different body organs wherein the chi flows.

How is Shiatsu done? What is the difference between this form of massage from other massages?

Unlike other massages, shiatsu makes use of static pressure. Static pressure is applied by a shiatsu therapist to these meridians to free trapped chi or to direct chi to areas lacking it, and this is the basic concept of shiatsu.

The static pressure is said to have a calming effect on a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system, which helps to relieve the stress and improve circulation

Unlike other traditional massages, shiatsu is a dry massage. Meaning, no oil is used to facilitate massaging thus the client remains fully clothed during therapy.

What are the benefits of Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is mainly used to alleviae body pain due to its relaxing nature. It is highly recommended for muscle-related conditions such as polio and arthritis.

Any contrandications of Shiatsu?

Contraindications of shiatsue include Bone-related deformations such as scoliosis and osteoporosis, some systemic conditions such as hypertentsion and patients with injuries such as bruises, cuts and inflamed tissues.

I am pregnant. Can I still undergo Shiatsu?

Pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy are advised to seek their doctor's advice first before undergoing Shiatsu therapy. Pregnant women should be really careful with the activities they will be doing as well as the meds they will be taking as these can have serious effects on them and their babies.

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